Advice Group Spain is a company that provides comprehensive marketing and sales services related to Spanish real estate.

Simply put, our business is marketing & sales, and this is how we manage it:

Firstly, we organise various real estate fairs and home & living fairs in different European countries.

With these fairs, we attract thousands of potential buyers, each of them looking to invest in Spanish property.  The main purpose of our realty fairs is to enable participants, such as real estate agencies, property developers and investors to connect directly there and then with potential buyers of Spanish property.

Potential property buyers will be attracted to visit the fair as we provide very valuable legal & tax information. This will happen through seminars about various topics related to buying real estate in Spain. For the moment, we planned fairs in Spain (Home Fair Marbella edition), Belgium and the Netherlands (Spain Expofair).

We also commercialise real estate assets through cooperating with a network of local real estate agencies in the buyers’ country of residence.

Secondly, we provide unique selling and advertise points, such as in airports and on the road, so your product cathes the eye where it should.

Finally, for residential real estate at the Costa de Sol, our Azur Spain team will guide you through the ins and outs of real estate in Southern Spain.

Our Azurancia insurance team will provide all risk coverage for your realty investment in Spain.

In the past the Advice Group Spain has proven to be a winning team with its many years of experience and a long list of content satisfied customers.





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